Selecting a Dog Bed

By Kevin Gawricki

Some general guidelines for selecting a bed for your dog.

Crate Trained Dog

If you are crate training a pup use a soft blanket or towels until pup is ready for a bed.
A crate pad is the best way to go. It offers a plush bumper all around the bed which provides cushioning from the crate.
Always remember to measure your crate to assure proper fit.
Machine washable is also a good feature that makes keeping your pet's bed fresh and clean easier.

Senior Dogs

Some senior dogs will prefer the orthopedic dog beds. They are made from high density foam that will help to cushion sore joints and muscles.

Easy to Clean

Beds that are machine washable offer a easy way to keep your pet's bed fresh and clean.
Beds that are not machine washable should offer at least a removable cover that can be easily washed.

Consider How Your Pet Likes to Sleep

If your pet likes to stretch out , than consider a longer bed.
Does your pet like to rest his/her head on something. Than consider a bed with some type of bumper.
Does your pet like to curl up while he/she sleeps. Than consider an oval, round, or snuggle bed.
Does your pet need to be above the floor, consider a raised bed.

With these general guidelines and a little thought you are sure to get a bed that will be a perfect fit for your pet.

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